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HTTPS checklist for google ranking and SEO

Welcome marketeers in 2017! We start with interesting SEO news. Websites without the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are from now on demoted by google. That is why HTTPS should probably become a part of your SEO strategy. Or not? We will highlight possible SEO strategies and a HTTPS checklist for guarding your high google ranking.


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Online Marketing for Concerts and Events (Guidelines)

Tom Buyens of Marketing For Heroes continues to re-invent online marketing for concerts and events. Since October 2014 Tom works for one of Belgium’s organizers of quality concerts and events. You surely have heard about events such as Disney On Ice, Lord of the Dance, Lord of the Rings in Concert. We are also organizing live concerts for Adele, Celine Dion, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Seal, and many more artists.


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De voordelen van freelance tegenover vast personeel

De laatste jaren is de trend in België ingezet naar meer freelance werk. En zeker wanneer we kijken naar werk in marketing. Dan stelt zich ook meer en meer de prangende vraag of je als bedrijf beter een freelancer aanneemt of eerder een collega in vast dienstverband.


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Marketing for Heroes for Companies

Marketing For Heroes offers following services:

  • International marketing campaigns
  • Freelance marketing support
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Content Update in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
  • Search Engine Optimimalization (SEO) & Google Adwords (SEA)
  • Social marketing (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google +)
  • Email marketing
  • Training your marketing team

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