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Online Marketing for Concerts and Events (Guidelines)

Tom Buyens of Marketing For Heroes continues to re-invent online marketing for concerts and events. Since October 2014 Tom works for one of Belgium’s organizers of quality concerts and events. You surely have heard about events such as Disney On Ice, Lord of the Dance, Lord of the Rings in Concert. We are also organizing live concerts for Adele, Celine Dion, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Seal, and many more artists.



The organization of concerts and of international productions is a very challenging and rewarding environment. This all reminds us of our great adventures about 20 years ago. Organizing events was all about having your posters and flyers out everywhere and broadcasting our radio spot and TV spot. Times have changed. That is why I will give some guidelines I try to keep to in order to make every online communication a success.

Dare to think online when organizing a concert

Even if your target audience is over 60 years old, dare to communicate online! Posters, flyers, radio commercials and TV spots are still ok to advertise. However do not underestimate the power to grab attention using a well targeted Google, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram campaign. Today we use eg Facebook to reach over 100,000 people with a one post in a day time. Many fans join Facebook events. Google searchers are directed straight towards the ticket information using remarketing banners and structured data. And much more cool online marketing stuff.

Do not forget any popular online channel to announce your event

The moment you announce an event, most online channels have their specific advantage. The Press, fans and people possibly interested into your event are active on a variety of online channels but mostly do not use all of them together. The nice advantage to use a mix of popular online channels is the repetition of exposure to your communication.

Make your message as clickable as possible to go viral

About 20 years ago, we were happy that fans started spreading the news on the train, when dining together or when going to the bar. Those days Facebook was probably in full development in Zuckerberg’s head. Today we have to think in terms of likes, comments, shares, +1, retweets, transfer of email, interest in events, even loving a Facebook update has become possible. Mostly a high quality large image or video with a website link helps to go viral.

Own website blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, google+ and emailing for Concerts

What online channels should you use? If possible, all of them! The likeliness that you will reach the majority of your PR contacts, fans and interested audience is increased drastically when you use all online channels. But remember that you use highly clickable messages. Another free advise but we will certainly not be the first to mention this: improve your SEO to be found by google for instance by using structured data.

Creative ways to say Thank You after the event

Be grateful that PR, fans and interested people were a fantastic audience during your event or show. This is where most events are not delivering. But this is a strategic solution to polish your branding and have possibilities to cross-promote events.

Can we help you with your event?

If you have an event or concert outside of Belgium, please feel free to contact us. Marketing For Heroes takes on your online marketing project in a structured and creative way!

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