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What is an acceptable delivery time of a webshop?

Would you be happy with a delivery time of 1 month? Or rather 1 week? Or rather 1 day?
Imagine you just ordered industrial products online and you would receive them within a few hours. This is becoming reality. However at what cost?

Trends in fast delivery times of online purchases

Retailers are testing the use of drones, bike deliveries within compact areas, vending machines, smart logistics systems and other cool stuff.
Honoustly a lot of retailers invest into these expensive new trends but I am still not sure whether they can cover the costs. And one thing is sure… someone has to pay the full price of transport.

Logistics in industrial environments

Safety products, just like most other industrial products, are not only expensive to keep in your stock, but they are also a huge risk since many products have expiry dates on them.
Keeping your stock as low as possible and servicing your customers to the max in the meanwhile gives a headache to most industrial distributors.

Leadtimes in PPE safety companies

Customers: Would you be happy with a lead-time of 1 month? Or rather 1 week? Or rather 1 day?
This is the strategic question many distributors in safety and workwear products have to answer. The answer is a mix.
Safety Workwear Shop recently started with deliveries within 99 hours in entire Europe for new online orders. If companies want to receive goods even more quickly this will be possible. Even within a few hours… will become possible in the future.

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